Editor Appointments

Tips for a Successful Editor Appointment

By Author Unknown

DON’T BE NERVOUS – Chances are the person across the table is just as nervous as you are.

Think about what you want to say ahead of time.. (Jot down notes on index cards if you need to.)

Be ready to tell the type of manuscript (mainstream, historical, contemporary, young adult, etc.) and the approximate word length of the completed work.

DON’T BE NERVOUS – Without writers, editors would not have a job.

Be ready to share the highlights of your story. What makes this story special?

Be ready to share the conflict and how it is resolved in your manuscript. (Don’t say, “If you want to know how it ends you’ll have to buy the book.”)

Give your writing background — have you sold other work? Are you an active member of an RWA Chapter?

Do not waste your appointment time chatting about personal anecdotes or the humorous things your kids said at breakfast.

Be PROFESSIONAL – when your time is up please leave promptly.

DON’T BE NERVOUS – your career does not depend on what happens during this eight-ten minute appointment.


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