Stopping Email Viruses

Stopping Internet Viruses From Propagating Through Your Email

By Deanna Lilly

When you install Microsoft Office or another office suite, they often come with an email client, or you may use an online email mail program.  More often than not, the default option for receiving mail is set to open your mail automatically within 5 seconds.  The problem with this setting is that even before most of the mail is downloaded to your email client, you could have received and spread   a virus infected email — that means it is spreading before you can blink.

There are a couple of simple things you can do to stop this from happening.

You can turn off the automatically opening of email. Click on TOOLS in the menu bar, scroll down and click on OPTIONS. Click on the READ tab. Deselect (remove) the check mark next to mark messages read after 5 seconds.

You can also set to receive all email in text only format… that means that when you receive your email it is visible as text — no graphics are opened or loaded until you click on the option to view as HTML.  This set up option is different for every program but you should be able to find out how to set it by searching for “text only” or “read as text”.

Then.. for safety sake (when using your computer installed email client), create a dummy email address that prevents any email from escaping.

Set up a new contact with the first name of 0 (the number zero) and the last name of 0 (the number 0). then DO NOT put an email address in the email section. For those of you who have email programs that require an email address you can create a fake using this: —@— (dash, dash, dash @ dash, dash, dash) … this is taken by most email browsers.

When someone or something tries to send to all accounts it gives you an error message stating this email could not be sent because the first email is the group or list was not a good email address