ASCII Characters

ASCII Characters

ASCII characters are used for foreign words or when you need a symbol you cannot locate easily on your computer (use the Insert Symbol option).

To create the ASCII character, Hold down the ALT key and use the numeric keypad (you must use the numeric keypad) to create the characters for your manuscripts.

ALT+0162=¢     ALT+0169=©     ALT=0153=™     ALT=0176=°     ALT+0167=§

IBM (AKA: OEM) / PC Extended ASCII  __________|Windows ANSI/ISO Latin-1/ANSI Extended ASCII

Combo Sym Combo Sym Combo Sym Combo Sym
ALT+0 ALT+128 Ç ALT+00 ALT+0128
ALT+1 ALT+129 ü ALT+01  ALT+0129 
ALT+2 ALT+130 é ALT+02  ALT+0130
ALT+3 ALT+131 â ALT+03  ALT+0131 ƒ
ALT+4 ALT+132 ä ALT+04  ALT+0132
ALT+5 ALT+133 à ALT+05  ALT+0133
ALT+6 ALT+134 å ALT+06  ALT+0134
ALT+7 ALT+135 ç ALT+07 ALT+0135
ALT+8 ALT+136 ê ALT+08  ALT+0136 ˆ
ALT+9 ALT+137 ë ALT+09 ALT+0137
ALT+10 ALT+138 è ALT+010 ALT+0138 Š
ALT+11 ALT+139 ï ALT+011 ALT+0139
ALT+12 ALT+140 î ALT+012 ALT+0140 Œ
ALT+13 ALT+141 ì ALT+013 ALT+0141 
ALT+14 ALT+142 Ä ALT+014  ALT+0142 Ž
ALT+15 ALT+143 Å ALT+015  ALT+0143 
ALT+16 ALT+144 É ALT+016  ALT+0144 
ALT+17 ALT+145 æ ALT+017  ALT+0145
ALT+18 ALT+146 Æ ALT+018  ALT+0146
ALT+19 ALT+147 ô ALT+019  ALT+0147
ALT+20 ALT+148 ö ALT+020  ALT+0148
ALT+21 § ALT+149 ò ALT+021  ALT+0149
ALT+22 ALT+150 û ALT+022  ALT+0150
ALT+23 ALT+151 ù ALT+023  ALT+0151
ALT+24 ALT+152 ÿ ALT+024  ALT+0152 ˜
ALT+25 ALT+153 Ö ALT+025  ALT+0153
ALT+26 ALT+154 Ü ALT+026  ALT+0154 š
ALT+27 ALT+155 ¢ ALT+027  ALT+0155
ALT+28 ALT+156 £ ALT+028  ALT+0156 œ
ALT+29 ALT+157 ¥ ALT+029  ALT+0157 
ALT+30 ALT+158 ALT+030  ALT+0158 ž
ALT+31 ALT+159 ƒ ALT+031  ALT+0159 Ÿ
ALT+32   ALT+160 á ALT+032   ALT+0160
ALT+33 ! ALT+161 í ALT+033 ! ALT+0161 ¡
ALT+34 ALT+162 ó ALT+034 ALT+0162 ¢
ALT+35 # ALT+163 ú ALT+035 # ALT+0163 £
ALT+36 $ ALT+164 ñ ALT+036 $ ALT+0164 ¤
ALT+37 % ALT+165 Ñ ALT+037 % ALT+0165 ¥
ALT+38 & ALT+166 ª ALT+038 & ALT+0166 ¦
ALT+39 ALT+167 º ALT+039 ALT+0167 §
ALT+40 ( ALT+168 ¿ ALT+040 ( ALT+0168 ¨
ALT+41 ) ALT+169 ALT+041 ) ALT+0169 ©
ALT+42 * ALT+170 ¬ ALT+042 * ALT+0170 ª
ALT+43 + ALT+171 ½ ALT+043 + ALT+0171 «
ALT+44 , ALT+172 ¼ ALT+044 , ALT+0172 ¬
ALT+45 ALT+173 ¡ ALT+045 ALT+0173 ­
ALT+46 . ALT+174 « ALT+046 . ALT+0174 ®
ALT+47 / ALT+175 » ALT+047 / ALT+0175 ¯
ALT+48 0 ALT+176 ALT+048 0 ALT+0176 °
ALT+49 1 ALT+177 ALT+049 1 ALT+0177 ±
ALT+50 2 ALT+178 ALT+050 2 ALT+0178 ²
ALT+51 3 ALT+179 ALT+051 3 ALT+0179 ³
ALT+52 4 ALT+180 ALT+052 4 ALT+0180 ´
ALT+53 5 ALT+181 ALT+053 5 ALT+0181 µ
ALT+54 6 ALT+182 ALT+054 6 ALT+0182
ALT+55 7 ALT+183 ALT+055 7 ALT+0183 ·
ALT+56 8 ALT+184 ALT+056 8 ALT+0184 ¸
ALT+57 9 ALT+185 ALT+057 9 ALT+0185 ¹
ALT+58 : ALT+186 ALT+058 : ALT+0186 º
ALT+59 ; ALT+187 ALT+059 ; ALT+0187 »
ALT+60 < ALT+188 ALT+060 < ALT+0188 ¼
ALT+61 = ALT+189 ALT+061 = ALT+0189 ½
ALT+62 > ALT+190 ALT+062 > ALT+0190 ¾
ALT+63 ? ALT+191 ALT+063 ? ALT+0191 ¿
ALT+64 @ ALT+192 ALT+064 @ ALT+0192 À
ALT+65 A ALT+193 ALT+065 A ALT+0193 Á
ALT+66 B ALT+194 ALT+066 B ALT+0194 Â
ALT+67 C ALT+195 ALT+067 C ALT+0195 Ã
ALT+68 D ALT+196 ALT+068 D ALT+0196 Ä
ALT+69 E ALT+197 ALT+069 E ALT+0197 Å
ALT+70 F ALT+198 ALT+070 F ALT+0198 Æ
ALT+71 G ALT+199 ALT+071 G ALT+0199 Ç
ALT+72 H ALT+200 ALT+072 H ALT+0200 È
ALT+73 I ALT+201 ALT+073 I ALT+0201 É
ALT+74 J ALT+202 ALT+074 J ALT+0202 Ê
ALT+75 K ALT+203 ALT+075 K ALT+0203 Ë
ALT+76 L ALT+204 ALT+076 L ALT+0204 Ì
ALT+77 M ALT+205 ALT+077 M ALT+0205 Í
ALT+78 N ALT+206 ALT+078 N ALT+0206 Î
ALT+79 O ALT+207 ALT+079 O ALT+0207 Ï
ALT+80 P ALT+208 ALT+080 P ALT+0208 Ð
ALT+81 Q ALT+209 ALT+081 Q ALT+0209 Ñ
ALT+82 R ALT+210 ALT+082 R ALT+0210 Ò
ALT+83 S ALT+211 ALT+083 S ALT+0211 Ó
ALT+84 T ALT+212 ALT+084 T ALT+0212 Ô
ALT+85 U ALT+213 ALT+085 U ALT+0213 Õ
ALT+86 V ALT+214 ALT+086 V ALT+0214 Ö
ALT+87 W ALT+215 ALT+087 W ALT+0215 ×
ALT+88 X ALT+216 ALT+088 X ALT+0216 Ø
ALT+89 Y ALT+217 ALT+089 Y ALT+0217 Ù
ALT+90 Z ALT+218 ALT+090 Z ALT+0218 Ú
ALT+91 [ ALT+219 ALT+091 [ ALT+0219 Û
ALT+92 \ ALT+220 ALT+092 \ ALT+0220 Ü
ALT+93 ] ALT+221 ALT+093 ] ALT+0221 Ý
ALT+94 ^ ALT+222 ALT+094 ^ ALT+0222 Þ
ALT+95 _ ALT+223 ALT+095 _ ALT+0223 ß
ALT+96 ` ALT+224 α ALT+096 ` ALT+0224 à
ALT+97 a ALT+225 ß ALT+097 a ALT+0225 á
ALT+98 b ALT+226 Γ ALT+098 b ALT+0226 â
ALT+99 c ALT+227 π ALT+099 c ALT+0227 ã
ALT+100 d ALT+228 Σ ALT+0100 d ALT+0228 ä
ALT+101 e ALT+229 σ ALT+0101 e ALT+0229 å
ALT+102 f ALT+230 µ ALT+0102 f ALT+0230 æ
ALT+103 g ALT+231 τ ALT+0103 g ALT+0231 ç
ALT+104 h ALT+232 Φ ALT+0104 h ALT+0232 è
ALT+105 i ALT+233 Θ ALT+0105 i ALT+0233 é
ALT+106 j ALT+234 Ω ALT+0106 j ALT+0234 ê
ALT+107 k ALT+235 δ ALT+0107 k ALT+0235 ë
ALT+108 l ALT+236 ALT+0108 l ALT+0236 ì
ALT+109 m ALT+237 φ ALT+0109 m ALT+0237 í
ALT+110 n ALT+238 ε ALT+0110 n ALT+0238 î
ALT+111 o ALT+239 ALT+0111 o ALT+0239 ï
ALT+112 p ALT+240 ALT+0112 p ALT+0240 ð
ALT+113 q ALT+241 ± ALT+0113 q ALT+0241 ñ
ALT+114 r ALT+242 ALT+0114 r ALT+0242 ò
ALT+115 s ALT+243 ALT+0115 s ALT+0243 ó
ALT+116 t ALT+244 ALT+0116 t ALT+0244 ô
ALT+117 u ALT+245 ALT+0117 u ALT+0245 õ
ALT+118 v ALT+246 ÷ ALT+0118 v ALT+0246 ö
ALT+119 w ALT+247 ALT+0119 w ALT+0247 ÷
ALT+120 x ALT+248 ° ALT+0120 x ALT+0248 ø
ALT+121 y ALT+249 ALT+0121 y ALT+0249 ù
ALT+122 z ALT+250 · ALT+0122 z ALT+0250 ú
ALT+123 { ALT+251 ALT+0123 { ALT+0251 û
ALT+124 | ALT+252 ALT+0124 | ALT+0252 ü
ALT+125 } ALT+253 ² ALT+0125 } ALT+0253 ý
ALT+126 ~ ALT+254 ALT+0126 ~ ALT+0254 þ
ALT+127 ALT+255 ALT+0127  ALT+0255 ÿ