Art of Perserverance

The Art of Perseverance or How to Quit Writing and End up on the Bestseller Lists

By Shirley Jump

Several years ago, I spoke at a writer’s group in Pennsylvania. I was a little daunted. It was the biggest group I’d ever spoken to, and many of the writers there had credentials I could only dream of having. But as I told my story my journey as a write rthe room got silent. Why? Because everyone in that room, published or not, could relate to the tale I told.

I spoke about quitting, about giving up your dream and throwing it all away in a fit of frustration. I had done that myself, in June of 2001.

And in November of 2006 my name was on the New York Times list, the USA Today list with my fourteenth book (SUGAR AND SPICE) and I had contracts for several more. I’d become a nationally bestselling author in five years.

Five years. Not a lot of time, but, oh my how things have changed.

Everywhere I go, someone I meet can relate to giving up on a dream. We’ve all had those moments where our dream — whatever it may be — seems unattainable. You work and work, hoping to catch a break and achieve your goals and all you get is slammed doors and a broken heart.

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