Writing Group Lists

Writing Group Lists

Cata-Romance – for writers and readers of Category Romance – they also have a group address for emailing, support, and sharing of information.

Comic_Writers – Finally, a mailing list for comic book WRITERS! This is the forum to discuss the ins and outs of scripting, proposals, and collaborating with an artist. We’ll also be doing critiques of other listmember’s scripts.  Writers of all comic book genres are invited to join. Artists who also write are welcome too. Pros and amateurs alike are invited, as long as you’re serious about writing comics!

Historical Fiction Writers – The Historical Fiction Writers Group is a forum for exchange of news, views and information on historical fiction. All writers in this genre, published or not, are welcome to join.

Momwriters – Trying to launch or keep your writing career afloat amidst Barbies and Hot Wheels? Looking for support in a writing forum? Friendship? Conversations that consists of more than, “Why, Mommy?” Momwriters is a forum for discussion of parenting, writing, and anything and everything that affects our lives in between. Momwriters members offer each other support, resources and caring. We actively support each other in various projects and events all year round. Please visit our web site: www.momwriters.com

National Writers Union – The union for freelance writers working in U.S. markets.

National Writers Union Job Hotline – The NWU Job Hotline is a nation-wide, non-profit alternative to job shops, temp agencies, and brokers. The Hotline is a way for employers to locate the writers they need, and writers to find jobs. The Hotline is a project of the National Writers Union and is run by, and for, the writers who use it. Employers list contract jobs for free. Writers contact and deal with employers directly.

Romance Writers of America – Romance Writers of America is the professional association for 8,400 published and aspiring romance writers. Members of RWA write the novels that make up 55% of all popular paperback fiction and that generate more than $1 billion in sales each year.

Work for Writers – This list is for professional writers, staff or freelance, to find job leads, share information on job searches, writing contacts, contracts, writers’ organizations, etc. The list also posts jobs from employers for print, screen and tv writers, journalists, editors, book indexers, etc.

Working  Writers – A low volume list for PUBLISHED writers of any genre.

Write From Home – Whether you’re a freelance writer, author, or writing from home but employed by a publication, this site strives to offer work-at-home writers tips, information and resources to help you balance your writing career and children under one roof. You’ll also find lots of writing and marketing resources to help you achieve the success you desire. It features a chat room, email discussion list, and a Monthly E-zine featuring articles, markets, guidelines, tips and more.

Writer Resource – Searching for sites that fit your particular genre? Need help researching a paper, book, or article? Interested in general writing links or other writing information?   That is what this list is for! It’s a place to share links, information, and tips for being a writer in today’s world. Though this list is *not* a chatty list, you’ll find that most of the posts you receive are writer-related and useful. Come on in and join us!

Writers Exchange – The Writers Exchange is a community designed to share and enrich the lives of writers. The site features articles, writing links, a listing of writing books, jobs/markets, book and software reviews, ask the experts, author interviews, authors home pages, author services, announcements, and awards.  The site offers a monthly e-zine including bookreviews, writing tips, marketing ideas, and website reviews.

Writing Contests – Want to know about the latest contests but don’t want to spend precious time cruising the net searching for them? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our members share the best and warn you of the worst.   The Writing Contests list is where you’ll find new contests announced and occasional publisher submission requests.

Writer’s Way  – This site is full of well-organized links.  If you want to find something it won’t be hard here – all links are categorized.